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Talin is an independent choreographer graduate of European Dance Development Center in Arnhem/Holland. Besides creating her own work, she has been collaborating on several dance projects in Turkey and abroad and maintained a regular activity in teaching. Her dance practice is enriched by other bodyworks such as Tai-Chi, Cuhan, Meridian Stretches, Alexander Technique, Contact Improvisation, Improvisation and Partnering. In 2011 she graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Studies masters program. In 2019 she got enrolled to Sociology Program of Istanbul University Distance Education.



She created How Do You Like That (Bak -Sen) 2019 and performed at the 23’rd Istanbul International Theater Festival at Arter İstanbul/Dolapdere. One Woman (Bir Kadın) 2017 at A Corner In The World Festival. Uncanny (Tekinsiz) 2015 at Depo within the exhibition of Grand Children. Turkish Delight (Lokum) 2012 performed at the 18’th International Istanbul Theater Festival when she was five months pregnant to her daughter. Issue (Mesele) 2010 has premiered at the 17’th Istanbul International Theater Festival and played all season throughout 2010-2011 in İstanbul at different venues like Cezayir Restaurants Theater Hall, Maya Stage, Oyun Atölyesi. Mechanisms (Mekanizmalar) 2009 which is a quintette and performed in many venues in İstanbul and at iDans Festival. Upside - Down (Tersi –Düz) 2008 which premiered at the 16’th Istanbul International Theater Festival. Her piece Topsyturvy/Tepetaklak with is a quartet have performed in İstanbul dance Festival, Bonn Biennale 2008 and Prague in Festival New Europe. Talin presented her solo work If you open the 40’th room... (Kırkıncı Kapıyı Açarsan...) 2007 which is a very intimate solo about herself. This piece travelled many different venues and cities Londonderry/England Echo Echo Dance Theater, Gümrü Biennale /Armenia, Festival of Monodrama and Mime/Serbia, French Cultural İnstitute/İstanbul, Kumbaracı50 Theater, Artena Art Festival/İtaly, Marseille Dansem Festival in 2008 and at the Auditorium in Tenerife in 2010.


She has been teaching Movement Techniques at Istanbul Bilgi University Performing Arts Department since 2008. She also teaches to kids from many different ages and creates nature based performances with them. She dances in improviesed performances lately with Nickolai Gallen and has danced many more with the music groups Hoca Nasreddin and Islak Köpek. One of the founders of Transit -Istanbul Impovisation Days in 2006, she performed at Darphane-i Amire and French Institute with Kirsty Simson and Le Quand Ninh.



Other than choreographing she also has an experience in journalism. She's worked at Agos newspaper in 1998 and 2006 as a cultural pages journalist. She likes writing in different dykes. She has written a book Feriköy In memory... Now" and a masters thesis "Existing in Hemşinli People by hiding and forgetting" as well as many articles in the newspaper. She maintains a writting activity and writtes stories and lectures.

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