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"Talin, Mary Kate & Me " 


International Theaterschool Festival Amsterdam 21-30 June 2000

In 2000 at the Amsterdam ITs Festival Iconmosaics was performed by Mette Laulund, Talin Büyükkürkciyan, Janet Walker, Lorenzo Borella and Zoltan Nagy. 


Iconmosaics is built up from updated images and stories. Icons of present-day society. A curved mirror that does not provoke but playfully lets the audience see through Kristina's glasses. 

Directed by: Kristina Ferenz


Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 15.51.36.png

Choreography and Dance

Talin Büyükkürkciyan ve Sevi Algan,Year: 2001 

Performed at: European Dance Development Center Theater/Arnhem Holland

"Elim ve Ben"

A piece Choreographed by Stephanie Parent. Danced by Aytül Hasaltun, Talin Büyükkürkciyan, Stephanie Parent. In 2005-2006

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